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Investment Tracks

The Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network invites member angels to consider investment opportunities in the following investment tracks:



Vetted local causes that have proven impact track record and opportunities to develop our community.

High Growth

10x + potential in 3-5 years.


Entrepreneur Placement

5+ years of financial information. Placing high-potential entrepreneurs in turnaround/transition situations. Potential for perpetual cash flow in 1-2 years. Often presents discounted entry on deal.


Small Business

Local revenue positive small business startups with moderate growth potential. Often presents ground level entry on deal.


Illinois State University: Tech Transfer

Illinois State University presents investment opportunities to member angels surrounding patented technology.


Illinois State University: Student Startup Fund

Illinois State University’s Student Startup Fund, managed by the George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, makes micro investments in Illinois State Student entrepreneurs and their startups. Member angels benefit from early exposure to the new generation of Bloomington Normal entrepreneurs.


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