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FAQs: Presenters, Members, Sponsors



What can a presenter expect?

The Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network’s mission to create opportunities for private local capital formations. The group is focused on helping entrepreneurs in several ways, financial and otherwise. Entrepreneurs needs for forming and growing their companies vary and the group is focused on giving and helping entrepreneurs in any way it can. If you are considering presenting, you can expect a group of business people who are focused on helping you.


What if a presenter is not looking for capital but would still like to present?

The Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network desires to present its angel members with high quality investment opportunities financial or otherwise. If you are a presenter who does not have a value proposition ready, the group welcomes you to apply to present but may give preference to presenters with value propositions.


How long do presenters have?

Presenters have approximately 15 minutes of which they can use however they think is best. Should a presenter choose to leave time for questions within their 15 min slot, a Q&A session will follow their presentation.


Do presenters need to have a pitch deck?

Presenters to not need to have a pitch deck but it is highly encouraged. Also, Google Slides is the preferred presentation platform. Upon being selected to present you will receive technology instructions and a Google Slides template that will help make your presentation fit in to the Normal Theater’s stage.


Can presenters remain in the room after/before they are presenting?

Yes, presenters are welcome to remain in the theater for other presentation. However, presenters are advised to allow member angels preference during any Q&A session and are reminded of the spirit of the group which if focused on helping entrepreneurs.


What time should a presenter arrive?

Presenters are asked to arrive no latter than 7:30AM on the day of the quarterly meeting to receive their presentation slot, do a technology run through, and become acquainted with the stage and programing schedule.


Where can a presenter apply? What happens after a presenter applies to present?

Presenters wishing to apply are encouraged to submit a full application here: Please follow the instructions closely. Once you create an account you will have an opportunity to attach a slide deck, any business plans and answer executive summary questions on your business model along with questions related to your deal. Full and complete applications are given preference. Presenters who apply at least one month in advance of a quarterly meeting can expect 1.) a notification that your application was successful immediately after submitting and 2.) follow up from a angel member on their application within 2 weeks from the date they applied.




What is the cost of membership?

Annual Angel Membership dues are $750. Membership is for individuals, not companies. Companies are welcome to inquire about sponsorship opportunities info [at]


How do angel members pay their dues?

Angel members can pay online at


How do I apply to become an angel investor?

The application process will take approximately 10 minutes and can be completed here: Please note, applicants will need a current member to sponsor their application.


What is the angel member survey?

The angel member survey is part of the initial application process and help the network understand the applicants investment interests, industry experiences and other information relevant to helping the angel receive the most value from their membership. Renewing members do not need to reapply but are asked to fill out the membership survey annually.


Do need a reference to apply?

Yes we ask that all applicants have a sponsoring angel member.


Do I need to be an accredited investor to apply?

In order to maintain a high investment profile, the Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network will accept only a minimal number of sophisticated, but not accredited investors. Therefore, if you do not meet the IRS definition of an “accredited investor,” you may not qualify for membership


What is the guest policy?

Angel members are welcome to invite any friends that they think would like to attend and support local entrepreneurs. Due to the nature of the quarterly pitch meetings and the SEC laws, all guests will need to sign the Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network Visitor Agreement. There will be copies at the event checkin for guests to sign. Guests are welcome to attend up to three meetings before deciding if they would like to become a member.




What are the sponsorship opportunities available for companies?

There are three sponsorship opportunities available for companies; 1.) General Sponsorship 2.) Official Sponsorship and 3.) Title Sponsorship. Please contact info [at] with any questions. Thank you for your interest in supporting The Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network and Slingshot CoWork and giving to our local entrepreneurs. Here is a quick overview of the three sponsorship opportunities:

General sponsorships opportunities start at $5,000 annually and range from mentoring opportunities to company logos being displayed across several assets including 1.) at the incubator Slingshot CoWork located at 108 E Beaufort Street in Uptown Normal, 2.) digital (on,,, 3.) at events (meetups, hack-a-thons, quarterly meetings, and 4.) in marketing materials (flyers, handouts, postcards, etc.)

Official sponsorship opportunities offer more brand exposure and are reserved to one official industry sponsor per industry. For example, BartellPowell is the official law firm of the Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network but other law firms are still encouraged to sponsor the network and join all sponsors in giving to our local entrepreneurs.

A title sponsorship opportunity is reserved for one sponsor.

Are their sponsorship opportunities available for not-for-profits with similar pro business missions?

Yes, please contact info [at] for more information.

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